300 Ct - Pre-Packaged - Monte Carlo 14 G - Wooden Carousel

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This is our 14 gram Monte Carlo poker chip set. This set includes a 300 count wooden carousel case with a lid, 300 clay composite casino grade poker chips, and 2 decks of playing cards. These 14 gram Monte Carlo clay poker chips will bring the look and feel of a casino card room to any home game. A unique and attractive edge design surrounds an inlay that displays the denomination of each chip, the words "Monte Carlo Poker Club", and a dazzling laser graphic strip that makes these chips sparkle and shine. These chips are eye-catching as well as classy.

The breakout is as follows:
$1-50 Chips
$5-50 Chips
$25-50 Chips
$50-50 Chips
$100-50 Chips
$500-25 Chips
$1000-25 Chips



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