Bubishi Chinese Pressure Points dim mak martial art Display Wall Plaque 11x17

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Line drawing of the Chinese pressure points on an adult male believed to be from the original Bubishi text modified with English translations. The pressure points in the Bubishi are thought to be the ones used by a Ming dynasty Daoist called Feng I-Yuan. It is said that Feng I-Yuan used these methods to remain undefeated in combat. They are said to consist of nine death points; nine knock out points; nine paralyzing points and nine pain points. Each plaque is 11x17 (inches) and is laminated to protect against scratching tearing or water damage. They are then mounted on a 1/4 inch particle board and the edges are trimmed in black and chamfered to prevent chipping. The board also has a mounting hole on the back so nothing is needed except a simple nail to hang the plaque in either your home; office or dojo.



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